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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Press Conference on 13 January 2005

On the afternoon of January 13, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan presided over a regular press conference.


Kong: Good afternoon, everyone! First I will make three announcements:

At the invitation of Vice President Zeng Qinghong, Deputy President Rowsch Nuri Shaways of the Iraqi Interim Government will pay a working visit to China from January 20th, 2005.

At the invitation of State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Sato Kilman of the Republic of Vanuatu will pay an official visit to China from January 17th to 24th, 2005.

At the invitation of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jack Straw of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will pay an official visit to China from January 20th to 21st, 2005.

Now I'm very glad to answer your questions


Q:Yesterday afternoon, some ROK congressmen's press conference was disrupted by some unidentified people who turned off lights by force. Who are these unidentified people? Who didn't they allow the ROK congressmen to hold the press conference?


A:As the Chinese sages said "don't put the cart before the horse", so let's look at the root cause of this incident. Yesterday afternoon, four ROK congressmen intended to hold a press conference at Great Wall Sheraton Hotel in Beijing. One of them comes to China as the guest of ROK embassy in China, another three entered China as tourists. We always support and encourage exchanges of all levels among the Chinese and ROK people. As I have introduced, the personnel exchanges between China and ROK top 1,000,000 last year. These exchanges are helpful to enhancing mutual understanding and trust and expanding mutually-beneficial cooperation. But these four congressmen wanted to hold a press conference on so-called "DPRK defectors" or what we call "illegal immigrants" at Great Wall Sheraton Hotel. We have repeatedly stated our position on illegal immigrants. The Chinese Government and people have shown the greatest humanitarianism and made the utmost efforts on this issue and have been always properly handling relevant issues. These ROK congressmen came to Beijing to hold such a press conference and even incite illegal immigrants to continue their activities. Such act is extremely improper for these illegal immigrants' intrusion into foreign embassies and consulates in China and other activities not only violate the Chinese laws and regulations, but also undermine the Vienna Diplomatic Convention and disrupt the stability of Beijing and other regions in China. We can't accept and firmly oppose to such acts.


According to my initial knowledge, the Chinese security personnel and guards at the hotel on the spot tried to dissuade these ROK congressmen. Some high-level diplomats from ROK Embassy were also present at that time.


Above all, we welcome more exchanges between the Chinese and ROK people. We also welcome the ROK congressmen's visit to China, thus they can know