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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on November 4, 2011

Q: Recently it's been reported that Director-General of the IAEA will soon release the latest report on the Iranian nuclear issue, disclosing a lot of intelligence on the military use of Iran's nuclear programme. The international community is becoming more concerned over Iran's nuclear weapons program and there have been calls to use force against Iran. What's China's views on these matters?

A: China has been following closely the developments of the Iranian nuclear issue. First, I want to stress that China is gainst the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the development of nuclear weapons by any country in the Middle East region. As a member to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Iran shoulders the international obligation of nuclear non-proliferation.

Second, China always believes in settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue and cooperation. Serious and practical dialogue between the P5 plus one mechanism and Iran as well as stronger cooperation between the IAEA and Iran is the right way out for the Iranian nuclear issue to achive a comprehensive, long-term and proper settlement. The IAEA should be just and objective and committed to the clarification of relevant issues with Iran through cooperation. The Iranian side should also show flexibility and sincerity, and engage in earnest cooperation with the agency.

Third, China is firmly against the threat or use of force. Currently, It is imperative to prevent new turbulences in the security situation of the Middle East, which also serves the common interests of the region and the international community.

China will continue to be highly responsible to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and peace and stability of the Middle East, keep in communication with parties concerned and the IAEA, unswervingly promote the dialogue and cooperation process of the Iranian nuclear issue and play a constructive role for the diplomatic efforts aimed at peacefully solving the issue. At the same time, we call on parties concerned and the international community to make concerted efforts to this end.

Q: The US National Counterintelligence Executive released a report claiming that Chinese and Russian cyber espionage poses a threat to the US. How does China respond?

A: I have answered similar questions on this podium many times. Cyber attacks are transnational and anonymous. Prejudging the origin of them without thorough investigation and ample evidence is neither professional nor responsible. We hope the US side will discard prejudice and work with the Chinese side to ensure cyber security.

Q: Over the past week, some US companies requested competent US authorities to increase tariffs on Chinese exports of solar energy products. How does China comment?

A: Developing the solar energy industry is an important measure of the Chinese Government to counter climate change and energy security challenges. The series of macro-economic policies in relevant fields are consistent with WTO rules. The US itself is also putting in the largest-ever investment into renewable energy and has worked out related promotion measures and policies. We hope the US side can work with the Chinese side to strengthen solar energy cooperation in order to tackle climate and environmental challenges. In addition, we hope the US side can honor its commitment against trade protectionism and properly handle trade disputes through a more rational way.

Q: Could you update us on the shelved Myitsone hydro power station in Myanmar?

A: Earlier, China and Myanmar had in-depth communication on the hydro power issue. The two sides agreed to properly handle the issue based on the spirit of friendly consultation. Currently, relevant departments and companies of the two sides have kept in touch and consultation on this issue for a proper settlement.

Q: Greece said it would reconsider its plan to put the EU bailout fund to a referendum. How does China comment?

A: I have noticed relevant reports. Whether to hold the referendum or not is the internal affair of Greece. China supports the efforts of the EU, the eurozone and the IMF to tackle the European sovereign debt issue and hope that Greece and the EU can overcome the current difficulties at an early date to stabilize the international financial markets and promote the economic recovery and growth of the EU and the eurozone.

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