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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's Remarks

Q: Some Chinese personnel, including journalists were stranded in Libya after the conflict escalated. What efforts have been made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and its Embassy in Libya? Will they provide further assistance to facilitate the evacuation of those Chinese personnel?

A: Despite the tremendous changes of the security situation in Libya, staff at the Chinese Embassy in Libya stick to their posts, follow closely the safety of Chinese nationals, including journalists, keep in close contact with them and provide them with assistance despite all difficulties.

The Chinese Embassy in Libya has communicated with parties concerned in Libya through relevant channels and will continue doing so in a bid to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel, including journalists and assist in their evacuation.

We have made contact with relevant countries and international organizations to explore various channels for the evacuation of Chinese nationals.

We call on Chinese personnel, including journalists to avoid going to the Libya's combat area at the current stage and keep in touch with the Chinese Embassy in Libya which will continue to try its utmost to provide assistance.

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